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Farmhouse restorer and Coffee Lover

James is an emerging self-taught amateur photographer. He has had enormous encouragement to exhibit his work in London, following several visits to Goa to document communities living in rural poverty on the fringes of Goa’s tourist resorts. He has recorded the parts we all see as tourists and the underbelly some of us try to avoid. In return for taking these photographs he involved himself with local charity organizations and continues to have links today.

As he has been based near Lewes, East Sussex, his work evaluated the local landscape. Now he has the chance to do so again living close to the Peak District in Yorkshire, which he is constantly discovering and re-visiting. His accumulation of images from East Sussex will be a continuing source to produce new works on this website and along with current images of The Peak District also being available for sale as Prints. It is these works along with commissions which are being admired internationally in the hands of few private collectors.

Did you study photography?

“No. I feel the experiences gained with using various cameras and being in different environments and scenarios from childhood, using a basic film camera through my adolescence and into present using digital and film cameras, have provided the bones of my understanding of a camera. But in saying this I am continually learning and being excited by every opportunity to take photographs and improve my techniques.

I have taken some black and white darkroom photography classes. With these developing techniques and processes the images may have changed but the passion is still the same. For me every picture is so different, there isn’t any one technique I would use and this is what I love about the editing process. It can be metamorphic. Even though I am using processes in the “darkroom” or on the computer, I have already conceived a strong image, a story, through the lens of the camera. I feel it has become a misconception that the camera is what makes the picture. The equipment can only take you so far..

What music do you listen to while editing?

I would say the top contenders are : A.R. Rahman, Nina Simone, Van Morrisson and Bob Dylan, Morcheeba, Adele, Air, Seven, Charlie Byrd Parker and Chet Baker, Andrea Bocelli and Elbow.

Does other photography inspire you?

I am inspired by so many people and things, not just photography. An old movie, a walk in the countryside, an old family photo, a song lyric, today’s fashion , a postcard or graffiti and chatting with friends. Inspiration comes from everywhere and everyone.

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