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  1. December 13, 2014, 12:32 pm

    That’s seriously close!!

    • December 15, 2014, 9:17 am

      Just a bit wet but hey ho….great fun all the same

      • December 15, 2014, 4:53 pm

        No risk, no fun and you have to push the limit to get the best shots. Cling to the spark, James! 🙂

  2. December 12, 2014, 2:15 am

    Ah what great pictures, I love the dynamic of it. Hope your socks didn’t wet this time.

    • December 15, 2014, 9:13 am

      A huge thanks Cornelia and my feet are certainly staying more drying now that I have invested in some waterproof and breathable socks

  3. December 12, 2014, 1:12 am

    great second shot – i’ve been there in 80-degree weather and it’s fun.. but if the weather’s cold, brrrrrrrr!

    how do you clean your camera after it’s been exposed to salt spray? z

    • December 15, 2014, 9:12 am

      Many many thanks Z. In terms of cleaning the camera I actually use a spectacle lens cleaner and a soft lint cloth to clean the body and apply a thin coat of waterproof spray which I probably shouldn’t but it works for me. I also now carry a camera rain-jacket which really helps protect the camera in such awful weather as we seem to be getting at the moment. I usually wash my tripod down after each trip and apply a waterproofing lubricant to it once it has dried.

      • December 20, 2014, 1:53 am

        the rain jacket sounds like a wonderful asset for the camera!

        i was at the beach on wednesday, and i thought of you as i dodget crashing wave — these aren’t as huge and powerful as the ones you face, but they have taken huge chunks out of the coastline.

        thanks for the tips on keeping the camera salt free! z

      • December 22, 2014, 11:01 am

        You are very welcome Z. and I do hope you did not take too many risks on the beach….

  4. December 11, 2014, 9:20 pm

    Yeah ! Back in rock’n roll !

    • December 15, 2014, 9:07 am

      Fantastic! Smiling like mad after this wonderful comment. Cheers Pierre!

  5. December 11, 2014, 1:01 pm

    Nice picture James; you must have all the finest bad weather clothing by now! 🙂

    • December 15, 2014, 9:06 am

      Lovely to hear from you Peter and I have to say I do have quite a kit of waterproof clothing that has lasted the years of battering from the sea, wind and rain.

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