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Did someone say a storm, high winds and rough seas ? Where is my camera

I was really excited to be returning to Splashpoint some 25 minutes walk from home, only the other evening I had been photographing the calm sea as a long exposure in a brilliantly moonlit evening. Today’s high winds and rough seas were not to be an opportunity to miss as I feel it is always good to re-photograph the familiar.

By this I mean that I enjoy photographing what is literally on my door-step as I can react fast to the changing weather and tides to be in a position to capture an image or two that has a different feel to early images I may have captured of the same subject. It can never really be familiar because of the changing light, the clouds, winds and tides, even the cliff face is changing through harsh coastal erosion and looking back through several photographs of the Headland and comparing them to a photograph from a couple of days ago this erosive destruction is clear to see.

The wind was really reach gusting and I was really finding it difficult to concentrate on holding the camera straight to ensure that the image was framed as much in shot as possible as I not so keen in cropping in Photoshop, but when needs must…..I was now really beginning to feel the biting wind on my hands and as I was maintaining my back to the rain and the spray from the waves my jeans were getting a good soaking. However I knew that the enjoyment of battling the elements and getting a soaking would mean that I could return home with some images and knowing that a warm shower and a cup of tea would take the chill away.
I could see that the jetty was getting a real pounding so I walked over as best as I could with clinging jeans, running nose and the wind biting into my face Even holding the camera to my face was a rest-bite from the wind, but I had to ensure aperture and shutter speed, compose, focus rapidly turn in to the wind and shoot before too much of the lens became covered in rain spots and spray. Each time I faced the sea meant I had to turn around and clean the lens
before re shooting, but I really wanted a shot of a crashing wave before attempting to dry the camera , pack it into the rucksack and make a rather hastily retreat, well! a rather squelchy walk back home.


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