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Colour or Black and White photography. Is it like chalk and cheese ?

Personally it is photography full stop the chance to capture a moment however ugly, beautiful, angry or happy, thought-provoking or just restful and calming. We are surrounded by so many things, happenings, moments, objects that can become familiar and every day, at which we do not really pass much thought and yet in a different light of day, or by seeing how somebody else may approach the image we want to capture we can be invoked into capturing what we see everyday in a different way. An example for me was last Friday evening where I was standing very close to a cliff edge to take a long exposure of three jettys I see every day, but last Friday evening they all took on a rather magical feeling as the sun was setting behind a low-lying sea fog
Sunday was totally different and the sun was bright the spring tides were crashing at the chalk cliffs in a more sedate way compared to the storms of last November and I wanted to look at the waves and coast line in a different perspective, a chance to abandon the tripod and lie on my stomach, but then it was better to kneel


Coastal and Landscape Photography, UK

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